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Channeling Guidance from
the Higher Consciousness


Vibrational Recalibration 

An Energetic Tune-up



The Channeling Session is intended to help you

awaken your power within yourself as creator of your reality.

As a multi-dimensional being reincarnated in this time,

there is so much support and resources available for you to

enjoy this life and for you to fulfill your desires, purpose and missions.

Your will engage in direct conversation with your Guides, your Soul Family, Dragons, Galactic Councils or the Higher Consciousness that work with you over lifetimes. Rest assured whichever whoever comes through, it is for your highest good at this moment of your journey.

Your human self will receive messages and guidance that support you in your focused areas. You will also receive an energetic re-calibration /healing to raise your frequency. You will notice the shift of energy during and after the session.

Open to Receive.

Allow Yourself to unblock and allow in flow of Life Force, Love and Abundance.

Path on the Water

Ready to shift?

- It is a 60-minute online video session over Zoom

- You will receive a recording to re-listen to the replay so that you can and will unpack much more information than when you first hear the message.

- The exchange is Euro €158.

- To book the session, please click the yellow button below

to select a time that works best for you.

Blue Washed Wall
I absolutely loved my Channeling reading with Rayania.  it has really opened everything up for me - and made everything so much lighter. Rayania is a beautiful and clear channel for messages to come through exactly as they are.  She really understands how to cut through ego to bring the message that is needed for your soul in that moment.  The message came at exactly the right time in the right way for me, and completely changed my approach to what I was thinking I would do for my next month and beyond.  I am so grateful for this, and for Rayania's energy, her gentleness, her compassion, her beautiful soul.  If you are looking for guidance or to hear a message for your soul, I would definitely recommend Rayania.  I felt that the message was so not what I was thinking, but absolutely what I needed to hear and resonated so strongly with me, I knew it to be true for me.  

R. M, UK

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