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Channeling Your Unique Source Frequency

More than a channeling course

Wouldn´t it be fun to experience your soul magic?

Wouldn´t it be fun to help people just by being you?

Wouldn´t it be fun to feel alive, vibrant, ignited knowing who you are?

Answer the call from your Highest Self!

Unlock Your Gifts and share your magic!


In this 5 -live class course, you are going to learn about and experience in a safe, loving, high-vibrational healing container,


✨ deepen your connection with yourself, your Higest Self & Source

✨ creating safe space and energetics of channeling your unique Soul Frequency

✨ learning techniques for energy clearing and bringing through your own soul energy

✨ transforming limiting beliefs, clearing conscious and unconscious blocks from this lifetime and parallel lifetimes to access your soul gifts

✨ healing wounds to free your voice

✨ transforming beliefs of unworthiness

✨ awakening the oracle/priestess within you

✨ opening to various ways of channeling higher frequency and your own Soul Essence

✨ safe environment to practice, to be seen, heard and held

✨ cultivating Trust

✨ deepening your connection within yourself, your Highest Source Self and your life

✨ embodying freedom to be YOU

✨ practice opportunity during and after the course

*If you couldn´t make it live, a replay will be available shortly after the class finishes. You will have chance to watch the replay, catch up before you join the next one. 

You can download the replay to keep for lifetime access.

Watch Course Q&A +

Empowering Channeled Message

from 10 June

Channeled Message from Galactic Dragons starts at 42:35

Next Cohort to be announced.
What Attendees said about the course 
Colorful Circles

The best thing about the course is definitely Rayania's kind, open, sincere, encouraging, totally beautifully wonderfully accepting heart. Her method is straightforward and full of love. I appreciate how inclusive she is, making sure everyone gets a chance to speak. I somehow feel this quality of natural sincerity and inclusiveness is why Rayania's special and chosen by guides who wanted her to lead this course. Because channelling is ultimately accepting and opening up ourselves. 

Y. G., UK

I finally got to experience the intense feeling of channeling for the first time and let me tell you, it was mind-blowing! I used to wonder what it was like for others, and now I understand how it feels. It's like a total paradigm shift happened, and I feel like I've been reborn. Since then, my communication skills with higher beings have improved even in my daily life, and it's been a real lifesaver. Plus, I've noticed a newfound sense of forgiveness and openness when expressing myself, thanks to the supportive atmosphere in the group. The love and forgiveness I experienced in this course were truly transformative. The guidance and power of the instructor, especially during channeling sessions, left me in awe. It was the most powerful workshop experience I've had, with intense vibrations and sensations. 

E. Z., the Netherlands

Rayanias channeling course was absolutely amazing. It has brought me new ways to cleanse my energy and I was able to clear old blockages from the past which withheld me from channeling before. Rayania has a very loving, joyful and encouraging way to teach and help you get over any obstacles you meet during the class in a very positive light way. The channeling group was very loving and patient as well. I couldn’t recommend this channelling course enough. It was an absolute joy! 

L. H., Barbados

Absolutely I would recommend this course! Several techniques are shared for channeling with multiple opportunities for practice.  For me the facilitator a course / workshop is crucial;  you were incredibly supportive and encouraging! Your warmth, care and light hearted way set the tone each session...everyone was beautifully + lovingly held wherever they were. You shared so many tips and it was easy to feel how held the container was. A fantastic experience!


Thank you so much Rayania, The way you express your unique expression (your way of teaching / holding space) is simply wonderful / lovely.  That also helped my shift more than you can know!!!


I'm so glad you answered the call and that everyone who joined this first round did. It has been truly so special.

the human conduit :)

My name is Rayania Chaenn

About Rayania:

Rayania Chaenn, known affectionately as the People Whisperer, is an intuitive Channel, Energy Healer, and Galactic Retreat Host. Rayania's soul journey is nothing short of extraordinary; she was present at the very Creation of Earth Consciousness and has since reincarnated thousands of times in service to the evolution of Gaia and the Universe.

With an Oversoul connection to Green Tara and a soul makeup with Kuan Yin, Rayania embodies profound compassion for this earthly human experience. Her Dragon soul lineage and past lives as a Lemurian and indigenous medicine wo/man across the earth infuse her with the ability to traverse mystic realms and draw upon ancient wisdom.

Rayania's path has been one of deep learning and mastery. Trained in Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Spirit Release, Crystal Healing, and a multitude of modalities, she skillfully blends her expertise with guidance from spiritual beings and higher consciousness to facilitate profound healing and clarity. Through this alchemy, she helps others realign with their true Soul Frequency.

From a challenging beginning—rejected at birth for being a girl, voice shut down, true self closed off—Rayania embarked on a lifelong quest for meaning and success based on external validation. She suffered lifelong anxiety and immense fear programs. Her nearly two-decade career in Technology Business immersed her in the cutting edge of 3D reality, setting the stage for her transformation into a devotee of her Soul's purpose. Now, she channels wisdom from higher realms and teaches the sacred truths she has unearthed along her journey.

Rayania is committed to empowering fellow Starseeds, Empaths, and Sensitives to reawaken to their own truth and innate creative power as embodiments of Creator Consciousness. Her mission is clear: to guide others in rediscovering their inherent gifts, reclaiming their true Soul Essence, and co-creating lives aligned with the highest timelines of New Earth Consciousness. 


Join Rayania on this transformative journey, where the heart opens, healing flows, and authentic soul expression blossoms.

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