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Alchemical Portal of Embodiment

16 weeks of 1 on 1 personalised 

Accelerated Transformation

to embody your Light, Your unique

Soul Gifts and unlock your flow of Abundance

Live Your Life in Joy, Freedom, Purpose

Embodiment mentorship is a powerful experience that helps you create shifts in your daily life, which will set you free from the loops, patterns and burden that you desire to be free from. The 16-week journey is a combination of quantum healing, energy work, therapy, coaching and channeling. It will be a co-creationwith our Guides, Higher Selves, Higher Consciousness & the Source.


The intention is to support you to become the version and vision you desire to step into. We will support you to integrate all the spiritual healing you have done. We will unlock your soul gifts, activate your life force for you to embody your potentials into 3D reality. We will heal your ancestral limitations while transforming karmic patterns. Within this intentional container, you can create a flow of abundance, embrace your soul purpose, step into your soul mission, create intimacy and connection to yourself and life, call in a new home, friendship and community, and connect to your purpose to create a fulfilling, soul-led life.


This is for You if You Desire to

  • Transition out of corporate job to your own Spiritual Service

  • Let go of looping patterns and stop self-sagotaging

  • Express Your Truth & Share Your Voice

  • Open and deepen Your Soul Gifts

  • Deepen Your connection with Your Galactic Soul Family

  • Quantum Leap Your Timelines

  • Establish Energetic Sovereignty

  • Heal Ancestral, Cultural, Familial Limitation to rise up

  • Awaken to Your Power, Confidence and Self-Worth

  • Receive Clarity on Your Path, Take aligned Actions supported along the way and build sustainable changes

  • Align to Your Soul Purpose and embody it

  • Create Positive Impact and to be of Service

  • Embody Joy, Freedom, Purpose in Your Life

This is for You if You are ready to live a Soul-aligned Life.


What is included in this 16-week Alchemical Journey

  • Intentional High frequency Energetic Container

  • Initial opening session to establish vision

  • 16 x weekly 75-minute 1 on 1 Session

  • Assignment and Practices in between sessions

  • regular check-in through the week

  • Access Support via Email & Telegram

  • Soul Blueprint Reading

  • The Total Exchange for this 16-week Embodiment Transformation is €3,333.

                                             Payment Plan available upon request                                                    New container Limited Space starting October 2024

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