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Join us, as we deepen this experience and make the most out of this retreat

Keep the recordings for a small fee at €33

Radiant Light Package €133

Let’s ride the potent energy of Equinox and Eclipse. Let the immaculate portal of this Galactic Retreat support you to

🌟  Gather tools and experience powerful activation to embody your   

       Highest Source Self, your unique Soul Frequency, Song of your Heart 

       and your Soul Note


🌟  Uncover your authentic Self and Step into Your true expression


🌟 Work with your body intelligence and your extrasensory senses to

       receive guidance and navigate through changes


🌟 Rewire to shift from distraction and lower emotions to higher state 

🌟 Transform loneliness, isolation; find and connect with your tribe

🌟 Create harmonious loving relationships and deep connection


🌟 Learn how to access and create in the New Earth Energy


🌟 Cultivate your spiritual gifts stepping into Your Self-realization thriving   in the 3D reality


🌟 Unleash your creative force as your Highest Source Self, shift your day to-day reality and empower your family and loved ones


🌟 Support your children on their awakening journey


🌟 Heal through health/finance challenges, ancestral patterns,

      karmic imprints, separation programs and false frequencies


🌟 Dissolve fear of the unknown, leap forward and walk your new path with

      Guidance, Trust and Confidence.


🌟 Tap into your infinite potentials and embody your gifts to create the life

      that aligns to your unique Soul Essence


Expect to Experience Deep impact and Next Level Transformation!

#UnityConsciousness #NewEarth

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meet the speakers

If you would like to deepen this experience and make the most out of this retreat,


Keep the recordings for a
small fee at €33

If you desire to go deeper and be supported to illuminate your path or
dissolve what keeps you entangled, this package is for you,

Radiant Light Package €133

1 on 1 60-minute Private Session

we will tune in to what is most needed to open new doorways for you, what is needed for your greatest healing and expansion. 

We will work with Higher Dimensional Consciousness and Source Energy. It could be your Guides, Highest Self, Archangels, Galactic Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Council of Light or the Elders. It may be a combination of channeling, Light Language, timeline healing. Know that the session will be what your Highest Self /Soul intended for your expansion and higher Timeline 💙

Exclusive Gifts

Gift of all interview recordings with powerful activations, meditations, tools and guidance for you to download and to keep for lifetime!

Cannot wait to hear about your shifts!


Have a blessed day, radiant soul!


Valencia, Spain

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