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Your Heart´s Path

Join the 3-day workshop to harness the current potent energy together and co-create this field of Light with your Higher Self, your Guides and the collective consciousness of Love!

Let´s make this summer the beginning of your new choice point to your Highest Vision!



Day 1 -

            Activate Your Highest Vision


Day 2-  

           Open to Your Psychic & Channeling Ability


Day 3 - 

            Intro class to 8-week Alchemical Portal 

            “Open to Channeling- Quantum Leap Your             Timeline & Galactivate Your Soul Gifts”


*Duration: 1 hour

Heartfelt abundance exchange is always welcome and appreciated after the workshop

Paypal at 

May abundance return to you 10 folds and more!

Day 1 Replay

Day 2 Replay

Day 3 Replay

Calling out those that are committed to liberate yourself from struggle and limitation,

those that desire to step into your full expression, your higher potentials and your highest Timeline!

Please reach out if you have questions regarding the 8-week portal group program at

Portal details


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