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An Alchemical Portal of Rememberance
to Activate Your Gifts & Life´s Work


Ascend Timeline &
Galactivate Your Soul Gifts

Becoming the Oracle, Wisdom Keeper and Frequency Elevator that you came here to be

Step into Your Higher Calling and Live Your Soul Purpose in Flow & Abundance

Hello Beautiful Soul

Have you felt you are here for something bigger?
Do you desire to heal, to break free from your familial, ancestral, karmic limitations?
Are you feeling the strong calling to make a positiv
e impact, to be of Service and raise the consciousness?

Your desires and inner calling are pulling you forward. You have done a lot of healing and inner work. You still feel your resistance, doubt, fear but you can also feel your growing longing to step up into the new and

share your gifts and light.

After all, you know very well you do not come here to play small.

You are here on mission. You are here to awaken your true self and your power through the challenges of this physical life.

You are here to be of Service through living your highest expression,

one that is in Freedom, Abundance, Love, Joy, Connection.

It is your time. The time is now to

become the Creatrix that you truly are,
connect deeper to to the knowing of why you are here

awaken your inner wisdom,

 tap into your power to fulfil your Divine Purpose.



Walking Your Path with New Sense of Belonging, Freedom and Collaboration.


Galactivate Your Soul Self

This 8-week of immersive group program is intended to support you to open to your Soul Gifts, your Divine Purpose, your Quantum Leap into an abundant Life you desire to create as an empowered, confident, connected New Earth Leader. 

We will work with Higher Consciousness throughout this program with (not limited to) your Higher Self, Galactic Dragons, Ascended Masters, Intergalactic Beings, Inner Earth Beings, Lemurian Council of Light, Divine Feminine Ascended Teachers, and your new teams. In this process, we will be supported to transmute your old templates and embody new programs.

We will work to build your Trust, Safety, Boundary, Visibility,

Authentic Expression, Clarity, Sovereignty.

Know this is not a passive "done to" but your active participation and devotion to your Ascension /In-cension as a sovereign Being is required.

Open yourself to a courageous journey of Joy, awe and wonder, connection and play, as this is the new way of embodiment and co-creation we all are encouraged to experience.


Alchemize. Liberate. Elevate.


This is for you if

You have experienced fear of being seen, imposter syndrom, or simply overwhelm at the thought of speaking your truth in front of people/an audience/social media. But You know you have a message to share. You are here to guide, heal, teach.

You know you are here for something bigger, you have a big mission and are here to contribute, to help people/animal/Nature/the collective but you do not know how and would like to have clarity, steps and support.

You desire to open up your psychic ability, to connect to your Spirit Guides and Star family and would like to learn how to deepen it, build confidence and trust in yourself.

You know your Soul is calling you forward into new projects or into the unknown but you distract, procrastinate and self-sabotage consciously or unconsciously.

You know you are Soul reincarnated here to enjoy this human experience, but you cannot connect to joy, feel weighed down by responsibility, family, relationships, money, health.

You know you are innately worthy, but your mind/body is living in the old belief system that you are still not enough, not doing enough, not good enough, and the list goes on.

You experience bliss from activation, meditation, workshops, private sessions. You know you are supported by the Universe but your reality does not look/feel like it.

You feel called to act but you cannot see clearly or have been in analysis paralysis, doubt and perfectionism.

You know you are responsible for your life as well as breakthrough and growth. You are ready to create changes and new soul-aligned stories. And make this your best life ever ;-)

You desire to upgrade your days from self-doubt, confusion, overwhelm, procrastination, comparison to one of clarity, direction and purpose. 


8 weeks of Deep Healing, Transformation, Empowerment 

During these 8 weeks of immersive transformation and activation in a small group setting


What you will receive


  • 8 x weekly 60-minute 1 on 1 private sessions for deep healing and personalized guidance Option: 4 x bi-weekly 60-minute 1 on 1 private sessions (instead of 8)

  • 8 x weekly 90-minute group sessions of transmutation, opening and activation on Sat

  • 7 x weekly 60-minute group sharing & Q&A on Wednesdays

  • 6 x peer practice sessions during the week as invitation to learn from and support each other

  • Access to Telegram during the 8 weeks for group connection and daily support


Activating soul gifts serves your own evolution. The soul gifts are your souls natural expression, which your soul accumulates from lifetimes of mastery. To activate your gifts means you tap into your true soul self. Our work is to support ourselves to remove and transmute the wounds and beliefs that are not aligned to your true soul self.


The beliefs you hold about yourself either block or support your development


You are part of the Light Force to create the New Earth. You get to be the one that creates your own Heaven on Earth while you step into your soul purpose sharing your gifts to support others.


The world needs you and your gifts, your energy. You are here to raise the vibration and shift the consciousness.


Receive the support you have never received to walk you through the journey. This is the container where you can learn to be seen, to be witnessed, to be heard, to be held, to be celebrated, to balance (over-)giving and receiving and create soul family relationship.


Your life is the manifestation of your inner world. Instead of feeling high from the session and falling right back into old patterns as soon as you return to your reality, we are going to implement and augment the shifts and insight in your life. Through this 8 weeks we will release the blocks, integrate the activation in your daily life, to initiate a make-over in areas of your human life, supporting you to embody the new version of yourself. You get to ignite your Soul Gifts through igniting your own confidence, joy and clarity in the physical life.

Last but not least- As we know we are forever evolving and growing, this alchemical portal is going to offer you a high vibrational space to prepare you for stepping into the role you are here to play, your full expression, your Soul Purpose. We each are at different stages of our human & Soul journey. We each have different soul blueprints, gifts, visions. Trust everyone will receive results and galactivation aligned to your soul blueprint in your highest good. Having said that, open your heart and let yourself be amazed!

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Watch 3-day mini Workshop
The Heart´s Path Accelerated
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Activate Your Highest Vision

Opening to Psychic & Channeling Abilities

Intro Class to "Opening to Channeling"

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