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The Song of our Soul -Bonus Interview Embody Your Soul Mission.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

This is the bonus interview from my first Galactic Retreat Embody Your Soul Mission from August 2022.

The amazing speaker Dr. Cathleen King held such a beautiful space to allow me to share my journey.

We talked about

Our Song of our Soul

Unworthiness vs Worthiness

Step into our calling

Our multi-dimensional Nature

Healing and Nervous System Regulation

Clear imprints & Inner Freedom

28:30 Gifts of Channeling Higher Wisdom

37:30 Wisdom of Higher Consciousness Channeling

How we can work with higher wisdom to evolve

45:32 Difference in Channeling Higher Self and various Consciousness

In the end we talk about new way of creation and stepping into our purpose

It is such a fun and delightful conversation! Allow me to say, it is packed with gems of wisdom & my funny giggles :-)

I hope you enjoy our co-creation! :-)

With Infinite Love & Joy


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