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Embody Your Creator Self with Brooklin & Emily

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Embody Your Creator Self

This interview was recorded on 13 December 2022 during my 2nd Galactic Retreat "Embody Your Creator Self". I was super excited to be on Unitea with Brooklin Rayne and Emily Ghosh Harris :)

Invitation to embody more of our true self

  • My Journey Moving from Taiwan To the West

  • The role of Courage, Curiosity & Trust

  • How do we work with our multi-dimensional self in daily life- shopping at supermarket, for example

  • Trips on supporting our daily human life

  • New perspective on our personality & ego

  • Self- realiseation Process to create space for Magic to flow through in creating new projects

  • What does multi-dimensional creation mean.

And about being human living in this physical life on Earth, about Soul calling, and soul much more open heart discussion!

I enjoyed my co-creation with Brooklin & Emily. It expanded our heart and our field. I hope you receive exactly what you need to hear at this moment to assist your path forward.

I would love to hear from you, your feedback, your journey shall you feel called to share :-)

With Infinite Love and Blessings!

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