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Thriving Prospering in
Your Full Expression is
Your Gift to the world.

Welcome, Radiant Soul!

Your are here for something so much bigger.

You are here to experience the depth of the separation so that you can turn your experience into your gifts to

support the creation of the New. the New Earth. The Evolution of the Universe!

My name is Rayania Chaenn.

My Energy Signature brings you back to Zero Point

so that you can access your pure Divine Natural State. 

I am an Activator.

I help souls on Mission Rise to your gifts and power

by dissolving the imprints and conditioning that denied you authentic self.

I activate your Divine Essence and Soul Gifts

so that you can fulfil what you came here to do.

I help you shift and glide through changes

so that you can become the fullest version of your authentic self.

I support old souls, starseeds, Empaths, HSP rebirth into your True Powerful Self

so that you can be of Service in Your Full Light.

  I work with you to dissolve what is not you

so that you can become the Healer you truly are.


My gift lies in translating abstract cosmic wisdom into practical human 3D terms.

I work with different modality and Higher Consciousness

to transform your karmic patterns, liberate you from limiting beliefs.

I am here to hold the immaculate space for you

to unlock your magic and remember who you are.


You are here to share your unique soul gifts,

shine your most radiant light and create your Heaven on Earth!

The world needs you. Now is your time.

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Meet Rayania

I will start my story by saying that I come from a different part of the Universe. I have had many lifetimes in this Galaxy as Pleiadian, Lyran, Sirian, Andromedan Venusian, Marsian, Arcturian and the Hathors. I have many lifetimes here on Earth. From the many reincarnations, I carry with me many wounds and imprints on the soul level and ancestral lineage to clear in this reincarnation, which opens me to the profound depth of polarity, duality, suffering and also compassion.

The galactic part sounds glamorous but I have struggled since very young in this human life. I did remember saying to myself I am an alien when I was 4. I thought I was playing an imaginary game. Little did I know I am truly an alien through and through!

Having been born into a culture that negates the worth of women, I  was silenced and molded into a stereotype while needing to take care of everyone . I worked hard to live society’s definition of success and purpose; eventually I burned out.


This led me to experience divorce, heartbreaks and a dark night of the soul, during which I uncovered my soul gifts and underwent an intense awakening. I healed the trauma of abandonment, unworthiness, ancestral patterns, witch wounds, and programs of fear and separation. All along, I knew I desired to be free and to fulfill my Soul Purpose.  


I support starseeds to heal and awaken their gifts through accessing higher dimensional consciousness, intergalactic Beings, Dragons, Archangels, ascended masters, divine feminine collective, ancient civilizations, shamans and Earth Guardians.

Transcend & Ascend

You are here to lead the way co-creating the New Paradigm.

Unlock your freedom, unleash your full potential, and activate your Purpose and Mission.

Join us on our galactic mission to transcend trauma, karma, limitation, pain and fear and embody your full expression and highest potentials.


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Single Session

Designed to bring clarity and energy healing to your life. We provide high vibrational energy to rebalance and upshift your energy to a higher level, giving you the opportunity to explore and release any blocks that may have been holding you back. This is a transformative space, opening you up to new timelines and potential.

Soul Alchemy

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Group Course

Ideal for those seeking an intimate, small group experience that will offer profound transformation through deep work and healing. Open your gifts and power to create, this high frequency alchemical portal will help you quantum leap and step into Your Soul Mission and Purpose



Mentoring Program

 4-month container perfect for those ready for an empowered new way of being and fulfillment. I will support you to ground healing and insight to bring your daily life into Soul alignment. You will learn to ignite the power within and embody higher timelines, Bring any area of your life that you desire to change /rewrite/create, be it romantic relationships, soul purpose, health,  or career change.

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Client Love

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“Rayania is a very warm, gentle and gifted lady. My session with her was both insightful and validating on some concerns I had. I gained valuable insight to a resistance I was feeling but unsure of the origin. within the session I was given clarity and guidance of the steps I needed to take to overcome and heal this. Rayania is a pure and a true channel for the higher realms and I am truly grateful for my experience with her. — A.O.


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your way to an aligned path.

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